Japan Vending Machine

Japan is a country that has always been in the news for its hi-tech and unique inventions. Some inventions get the best reactions from people all over the world and some are laughed at. But Japan never ceases to amaze us. And one of the many technologies that Japanese have been known for is vending machines. In a survey carried out in 2009, the country had the highest number of vending machines and the numbers of items one can buy from them are extensive. While in many countries vending machines are used as an all-time food and drink machines, in Japan, vending machines can dispense almost everything. Vending machines in Japan give you the opportunity to buy eggs, live lobsters, bowls of hot noodles, underwear, fresh popcorn, kerosene, name cards, flowers, flight insurance, batteries, neckties, dry ice, sneakers, toilet paper and many other such things.

The main suppliers of vending machines in Japan are Fuji, National and Sanden. All the three companies have time and again, tried to outnumber each other in order to provide the best services to the people of Japan. The look, shape and size of the models developed by the three companies are almost same and people have preferred all the three companies equally. Known for its great and bizarre technological advancements, Japan has always been a hot-spot for investors. Businessmen, investors and other people who think of starting up or expanding their business seem to choose Japan to buy their machinery from. The same is the case with the vending machine company. The three major vending machine providers in Japan, i.e. Fuji, National and Sanden have invented the most top-notch and efficient vending machines. People thinking of starting their own vending machine business—even on the small scale—should definitely invest in Japanese vending machines. One of the main reasons for this should be the convenience and ease of maintenance these machines offer.

The advancement in the vending machines invented in Japan should be more of a reason to invest here. Japan has now come up with an even crazier technology where drink vending machines utilize facial recognition technology to recommend drinks to people. As soon as the machine senses that someone is approaching, it will gather basic data such as gender and age about them. This data will be compiled with the weather, time and date in order to make the best drink recommendation. These recommendations are based on extensive and thorough market research. According to some studies, a machine will recommend a canned coffee drink to a man, something sweet to a woman and a beverage like green tea to an elder person in their 50’s. One of these machines has already been installed in Tokyo and has received positive reviews from people.

Expanding such technology into the world will only help development. Also, vending machines have now become a great source of revenue for businessmen and a must-have-in-workplace for employers. Therefore, it has become a profitable investment for businessmen. And a business mind will always think of saving as much as they can on investment. And what better way to do that than investing in Japan vending machines!