Vending Machine Supplier – Malaysia Vending 

Malaysia Vending is the leading vending machine supplier in Malaysia. We supply a variety of different types of vending machines to all area in Malaysia. We are base in PJ, Selangor but we supply to Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor, Pahang or even Sabah & Sarawak. We know all about the products we sell as we understand the design and manufacture of them as well as selling, distributing, and servicing them. Service may encompass filling them up, troubleshooting any issues, repairing and providing regular maintenance in keeping them in top working order. We use our specialized industry knowledge to sell you business solutions, rather than just dropping the machines on your doorstep and forgetting about them. There are a variety of different types of vending machines and we can supply them all to you. Some of the more common types include:


  • Coffee
  • Can & PET soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, juice, and water.
  • Candy, chips, cookies, and granola bars.
  • Personal care products.
  • Office supplies.
  • School supplies.
  • Fresh food choices.
  • Frozen foods such as ice cream sundaes and treat bars


We have a history of over 5 years in this business. Will start to service our customer we first started providing our first food and beverage vending equipment to the Malaysia business market.

In the beginning, vending machine were simple, but today they have adapted to new technology and being fully automated. It’s possible for vending machines to move items from slots down to the exit, and to keep food hot or cold, and heat it up. They can also accept a variety of payments, not being limited to the coins of yesteryear. They can now provide change from bills, and accept a variety of credit card and debit card methods (coming soon). With an extra setup and internet, they can even send a daily sales report which is very convenience to the customer.


As we are grow in size, we will continue to focus on sourcing the latest in vending machine technology for the Malaysian market. We are a vending machine supplier Malaysia that was set up to provide a one-stop shop to our customers. We also focus on the supply and servicing of all vending machine equipment that we sell. Our vending machines are refurbished or either new which imported from other countries such as Japan, Taiwan or China. We ensure that there are vending machines suitable for every type of business venture. From soft drinks can, coffee, snacks to office supplies, we are sure you will find a vending machine that are the best for your business.


Most workplaces today have several different types of vending machines, and you can both provide a service to your employees, and turn a profit as well and earn you an good income. Malaysia Vending is proud to be the leading Malaysian supplier for the top Asia brands of vending machines . Our machines are supported by our highly skilled vending machine technicians, who have several years of combined experience. We think you’ll be pleased at our extensive collection of vending machines. Please contact us today to discuss the needs of your business. As the leading vending machine supplier in Malaysia, we want you to be happy with your choices.